Payment Methods

1. Cash On Delivery

Pay Cash On Delivery to the Courier employee who will deliver your order. Cash On Delivery is valid only if you select COD as a delivery method. The Cash on Delivery payment method has a limit of 500€ order value.
Cash On Delivery is charged 2.50 €.
Note: Cash On Delivery is not valid as a payment method for orders outside Greece.

2. Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card

You can make your purchases by charging credit, debit or prepaid card. The card is charged after checking its validity, certification of its details and the availability of balance. If the transaction is rejected by the bank, then the purchase is not made. Card transactions are made in the secure encrypted environment of Piraeus Bank and are protected by top online security systems that guarantee a secure transaction environment.

3. Bank Transfer

In this case, you can complete your order without payment. The order remains pending and is finalized – and therefore the execution process begins – with the deposit of the total amount in one of the following bank accounts, writing as a reason the order number (Order ID) and the name in which the order was placed. We inform you that the deposit must be made within 5 days from the day of the order, otherwise the order is canceled.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 000 60 3914 7999 521
IBAN: GR89 0171 0390 0060 3914 7999 521
BENEFICIARY NAME: M.Antzoulatou G.Mitsakos Co.- Angelo Barreta

ACCOUNT NUMBER:1200 0232 0002 312
IBAN: GR74 0140 1200 1200 0232 000 2312
BENEFICIARY NAME: M.Antzoulatou G.Mitsakos Co.- Angelo Barreta

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0026 000 309 0200 844327
IBAN: GR88 0260 0030 0000 9020 0844 327
BENEFICIARY NAME: M.Antzoulatou G.Mitsakos Co.- Angelo Barreta

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 104 44 055 874
IBAN: GR30 0110 1040 0000 1044 4055 874
BENEFICIARY NAME: M.Antzoulatou G.Mitsakos Co.- Angelo Barreta

4. PayPal

By choosing PayPal as the payment method, your transaction is made through the secure page of PayPal, following the instructions that you will find on the specific website.